R Packages


This package is based on the paper by Jacobucci, Grimm, & McArdle (2016), found on the Publications page. The package allows for using ridge or lasso penalties on specific parameters in general structural equation models. It is currently an extremely developmental version in both its implementation and theory behind the method. For an Intro, see google group and tutorial


The dtree package combines features from multiple decision tree algorithm. This involves the ability to easily run multiple algorithms at the same time and compare results. Additionally, there is a function, stable(), that uses bootstrap replications to assess the stability of each algorithm on the dataset.


Building off of the original longRPart package, that is no longer maintained on CRAN, the longRPart2 package updates the functionality to recursively create subgroups based on mixed effects models.


Similar to longRPart2, the package uses recursive partitioning to create homogeneous subgroups based on structural equation models fit in Mplus.